Administrative Services

PPMC offers a full suite of services.

Administrative Services

  • Experienced and customer-oriented administrative support team
  • Hassle-free scheduling of QME exams
  • Mailing of QME notification forms
  • Diagnostic study coordination

Evaluation Services

  • Presence of Evaluation Assistant during examinations
  • Management of Evaluation office locations

Billing and Collections

  • Insurance claim submissions
  • Experienced collection team with expertise in medical-legal exam collections, SBR’s and appeals

Medical Record Handling

  • Medical record retrieval (delivered before evaluation)
  • Medical record indexing

Medical-legal Reports

  • Transcription
  • Analysis
  • Proof-reading
  • Formatting
  • DWC timeline compliance
  • Form compliance management
  • Service of reports to all parties with proof of service

Business Development

  • Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Business Management Program to proactively manage your medical-legal practice and maximize your time and effort
  • We focus on building and fostering positive, mutually beneficial relationships with every expert who joins the PPMC team