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Proudly serving the medical-legal community since 2011. As a full-service medical-legal practice management company, we are proud to provide the highest quality medical-legal administrative services in more than 40 specialty areas.

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We provide medical-legal services through a statewide network of thoroughly vetted experts covering an expansive geographical area from San Diego County up through north of the San Francisco Bay.

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Providing our examiners with exceptional service, quality reports, and the highest level of compliance.

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A core value of PPMC is continuous education. We provide access to resources to continue medical-legal education and compliance with DWC regulations through the latest continuing education courses.

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PPMC Partners with Kids Chance California

PPMC Partners with Kids Chance California

PPMC Partners with Kids Chance CaliforniaWe are excited to announce a series of cycling events taking place this fall in which PPMC’s CEO, Brock Curry, will be participating. Brock has been training hard and will be taking on these challenging rides in partnership...


Hear from our satisfied work comp professionals and providers.

The pros at PPMC In Indio provide a brisk and efficient organization with a team of people that make life easier. The bumps in the road are quickly handled and the computer support is smooth and trouble free. A pleasure to work with Brock Curry’s team at PPMC. And I have experienced several other such organizations.

Jeffrey Holmes, MD

- Client since 5/2011

I have been working with PPMC for 9 years. After I closed my private practice I turned over all of my medical-legal work to PPMC because of their excellent service to me and to the applicants. Their office is very organized and the employees I work with are uniformly professional and helpful.

J. A. (Tony) Matan, MD

- Client since 12/2011

I have been affiliated with Premier Physician’s Management Company for the last 8 years as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I have found their services to be extremely efficient and communication with staff has been outstanding. I highly recommend PPMC to any physician who participates in programs supervised by the DWC.

H. Leon Brooks, MD

- Client since 9/2011