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Physician ServicesPPMC is in the business of providing administrative support services to examiners who perform medical-legal evaluations. PPMC provides our physicians quality office facilities, electronic medical record storage, and medical assistants, PPMC also provides billing services, accurate report preparation, medical transcription, efficient appointment scheduling, a web portal, Competitive Service Fees, and compliance with the Department of Workers’ Compensation regulations.

PPMC’s administrative services offer clients a new sense of freedom by eliminating the day-to-day business responsibilities of private practice.


PPMC awards their physicians for time put into completing exceptional reports with unbeatable compensation. The average medical legal evaluator who only takes direct referrals in his or her private office spends approximately 60% of the billable service on overhead and expenses.


PPMC has a constant relationship with compliance attorneys to ensure 100% compliance with current and ongoing Department of Workers’ Compensation Regulations.


PPMC provides office locations set at your convenience. PPMC also provides you with certified medical assistants and experienced staff for all administrative details so that you can focus on providing an outstanding evaluation for your client.

PPMC also provides easy to use, internet based remote access, allowing you to work securely and comfortably from wherever you have internet access. Through our secure web portal you are able to view medical records, financial reports, patient progress, and upload your dictations.

Back Office Services

Enjoy the flexibility and benefits of scheduling your own calendar; let the experienced PPMC staff maximize your patient flow and time. You are not obligated to perform a certain amount of exams, or work a certain amount of time: you decide your volume your schedule permits. Work 5 days a month or 5 days a week.

All patient records and forms are scanned, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to our secure server for safe storage. OCR allows you to rapidly search electronic documents using just a word or phrase.

After your exam is complete you will also have the opportunity to use our transcription service. Once your draft report is received PPMC will review your report for consistency, clarity, and grammatical errors, then forward the report to you for your final review. This process ensures that all issues have been addressed and that your report meets any and all regulatory requirements, thereby reducing the need for future addenda.

After the final report is signed, PPMC completes the billing statement, accurately compiles the report with the appropriate forms, and delivers it to the correct parties.

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